The City of Geelong has taken another step in its smart city future by releasing its first draft Smart City Strategic Framework, which will help drive the uptake of smart technologies across the community.

In early December 2020, the Geelong Council endorsed the release of the draft Smart City Strategic Framework that builds on the City’s Digital Geelong Strategy, which was adopted in 2015 and aims to address significant societal, environmental and technological changes across the region.

The draft framework outlines seven core principles and five strategic pillars, informed by community feedback which identified the environment, sustainability, inclusion and accessibility as important focus areas.

The principles and strategic pillars will help shape a four-year action plan outlining key projects and actions for the City to undertake. The five strategic pillars are:

  1. A city that nurtures inclusive, connected communities
  2. A city that celebrates creativity, design and innovation
  3. A city that creates intelligent places and spaces
  4. A city that harnesses the value of data
  5. A city that prioritises digital infrastructure and communications

One priority outlined in the draft framework is the use of smart sensors to monitor the environment and understand how the climate is adapting. This technology will allow the city to use resources in a more responsible and sustainable manner.

Other proposed opportunities include technology to support better traffic movement with real-time route planning for vehicles and smart traffic signalling, ‘push to talk’ emergency systems in public spaces and further investment in smart city infrastructure for the community such as broadband and free public Wi-Fi to help improve digital inclusion across the region. 

Community members are invited to provide feedback on the draft Smart City Strategic Framework before Monday 18 January 2021: 

City of Greater Geelong Mayor, Stephanie Asher, said, “This year we’ve seen firsthand the important roles technology, data and innovation play in keeping our community connected and informed.

“The draft Smart City Strategic Framework is an important document to help Greater Geelong become a more liveable, sustainable and thriving region. I encourage community members to review the draft framework and submit their feedback.


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