A new report by Homelessness NSW has underscored the importance of government action to increase the supply of homes to the state, particularly social and affordable housing. 

The analysis reveals that the top council areas that have seen increases in homelessness numbers are the Inner West and Canterbury-Bankstown Council areas. These are also key areas that the New South Wales Government is focused on in supporting increased access to housing.

The top council areas that have seen an increase include:

LGA Receiving help in 2021-22 Receiving help in 2022-23 Increase
Inner West 1251 1496 245
Canterbury-Bankstown 1877 2063 186
Penrith 2074 2254 180
Sydney 2630 2777 147
Wollongong 2299 2438 139
Walgett 256 384 125
Parramatta 769 883 114
Griffith 749 855 106
Campbelltown 2168 2274 106
Central Coast 1910 1996 86

In the wake of these statistics the State Government has reaffirmed its commitment to drive down homelessness numbers by delivering more and better social housing and increasing access to comprehensive support services.

The State Government is also undertaking once in a generation reforms to address this housing crisis and has called on the New South Wales Opposition and councils across the state to join it in tackling this crisis head on.

New South Wales Minister for Housing and Homelessness, Rose Jackson, said that this report from Homelessness NSW highlights the very real housing crisis that is playing out in suburbs and cities across New South Wales.

“The State Government, from the very beginning, has acknowledged this crisis is real and we must do everything we can to end homelessness,” Minister Jackson said. 

“The report paints a harrowing picture of women and children being forced to live in cars, working families living in tents and increasing rates of people sleeping rough especially in Western Sydney.

“The New South Wales Government is determined to confront this challenge. We know you can’t solve homelessness if you don’t have affordable homes for people to live in – that is the core work we are doing and we ask local councils and the community to walk with us on this journey.”


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