Partnering with preferred suppliers is a key way councils can reduce stresses associated with the procurement process, while ensuring transparency, compliance and cost-effectiveness. But the advantages extend beyond the government sector, with all industries benefiting from working with businesses that have received the tick of approval. Boasting this accolade, and recently endorsed by WALGA and Local Buy, Spectur is thrilled to offer solutions that meet the highest standards.

Preferred suppliers undergo a rigorous evaluation and vetting process to meet specific quality, reliability and compliance criteria set out by a governing body or industry association. As a buyer, you can rest easy knowing these suppliers have been certified as reliable, with a track record of delivering quality products or services while maintaining competitive prices.

Spectur is now proudly listed among the preferred suppliers for the WA Local Government Association (WALGA) and Local Buy, reaffirming its commitment to delivering quality solutions that meet the high standards of trusted public entities.

Streamlining procurement

Members of the WALGA can seamlessly procure goods, services and works through the WALGA Preferred Supplier Panels (PSPs). A key feature of these panels is the lowest price guarantee, mandated for all endorsed suppliers.

Establishing the PSPs follows a meticulous process. WALGA starts by researching and consulting with local governments and relevant industries to ensure preferred suppliers align with member needs.

While WALGA’s PSPs are tailored to the needs of Western Australian local governments, all industries can benefit from partnering with suppliers that have gone through its processes.

A partner you can trust

WALGA takes action to address any problems early on, conducting a thorough risk assessment to pinpoint any procurement risks. Tender specifications are developed collaboratively with professional expertise, sector input and legal advice.

Dedicated contract managers keep everything on track by monitoring KPIs, conducting compliance and risk management audits and quarterly contract management engagements.

Buyers can be assured that PSPs are fully compliant with local government regulations and national competition laws, including the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).

Value for money

Value for money underpins every WALGA PSP, with a number of factors to be considered to ensure the most optimal outcomes for local governments. Robust evaluation processes are in place to pre-qualify preferred suppliers. WALGA scrutinises their experience, technical expertise, qualified staff, and ensures they have a track record of delivering high-quality goods or services.

Preferred suppliers validate their offerings against the technical requirements specified in the PSP tender, mitigating potential purchasing risks through due diligence processes. These encompass independent financial viability assessments, thorough reference checks, credit rating evaluations and scrutiny of certifications, licences and professional affiliations.

A diligent assessment of tenders, including whole-of-life costs, ensures comprehensive value for money. Preferred suppliers are mandated to provide their most competitive prices and supply conditions to WALGA members, ensuring transparency and the assurance of exceptional value.

Importantly, members can negotiate with preferred suppliers to maximise value for money. They can leverage additional discounts on the basis of the volume or value of items they are purchasing. Such an approach cannot be used by local governments within a public tender process.

Commitment to excellence

Established by the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ), Local Buy facilitates streamlined purchasing processes for local governments and public sector entities across the country.

Local Buy conducts a meticulous tender process, with extensive consultation with local governments and industry experts to ensure valuable contracts. It undertakes risk analysis and holds a comprehensive evaluation by a panel of local government representatives and Local Buy Category Manager.

Buyers can be assured that Local Buy has assessed all PSPs industry accreditations, technical expertise and compliance. Suppliers must comply with contract conditions, legal requirements, and create an online presence in Local Buy’s VendorPanel.

Ongoing management by a dedicated Local Buy Category Manager ensures the performance, compliance and best returns for local governments and other organisations.

Local Buy and WALGA’s rigorous endorsement process and commitment to high standards aligns seamlessly with Spectur’s mission to provide innovative solutions that uphold quality and excellence across diverse sectors.

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