Whitehorse Council has made a commitment to find smarter solutions to water conservation – endorsing a new Integrated Water Management Strategy. 

The Integrated Water Management Strategy was created with assistance from the Victorian Government through Melbourne Water Corporation, as part of the Living Rivers Stormwater Program.

The new strategy will focus on three outcomes: 

  1. Healthier landscapes and waterways
  2. Reduction of flood risk
  3. All water is valued as a resource

Whitehorse Council Mayor, Mark Lane, said, “Whether it comes from a tap or runs off a local road, water needs to be treated as a valuable resource in Whitehorse and beyond.  

“More than half of the water used by Council is for irrigating parks, sports and recreation fields.  

“Through this new strategy we are finding practical ways to reduce our dependence on drinking water to sustain our parks and gardens, so we can make good use of stormwater, rainwater and wastewater wherever possible.”


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