There’s no one size fits all when it comes to pipe inspection cameras, which means it’s vital for councils to know where to start when it comes to selecting the correct equipment and protecting critical pipeline assets.

Using cameras to inspect pipelines, carry out repairs, or for cleaning, is crucial for maintaining council water and wastewater assets, but as each camera is designed to suit certain pipe sizes and manhole depths it can be difficult to know which is best for each individual job.

For local governments, knowing what camera is required for routine maintenance and pipeline repairs will prevent oversights or unnecessary expenses caused by using the wrong equipment. As Australia’s leading supplier of pipe camera technology, SECA offers a comprehensive range of CCTV inspection equipment for a variety of applications.

Push cameras

Push cameras are flexible push rod cameras that allow for easy manoeuvring through drains and pipes. SECA’s push camera range includes the Miniflex and AGLIOS™ systems. The Miniflex sewer camera has a bullet-shaped camera head and flexible element, perfectly suited for curving around right-angle bends.

With its flexibility and clear image capturing, the Miniflex camera is suitable for small budgets and smaller pipes, from 32mm to at least 80mm. Similarly, the AGILIOS™ system consists of a coiler and a flexible but reinforced push rod, with two multifunctional control panels and two types of camera heads. With a combination of robust push rod and high mobility around bends, it is a highly flexible camera system.

This system is also ideal for small budgets and smaller pipes, 50mm to 250mm in size and 60m to 100m in length.

Crawler systems

Crawler camera systems are inspection robots that can be remotelycontrolled to move through pipes, with a live-feed sent to a computer monitor. From SECA’s range, the ROVION pipeline inspection system is a scalable and highly robust crawler camera.

With a wide selection of inspection cameras, including axial cameras, pan and tilt head cameras, fisheye lens and rotating shaft inspection cameras, this system has a considerable range of possible applications.

The ROVION system is suitable for large budgets and medium to larger pipes, from 95mm to 2000mm in size and 200m to 500m in length.

Manhole inspection cameras

Manhole cameras are specifically designed to go down manholes to get a clearer view of pipe channels without using regular cameras, which can be cumbersome in a tight space. SECA’s manhole camera range includes the system and the Quickview airHD.

The Quickview airHD is a zoom survey camera with HD video to capture and assess pipelines. Once lowered into the manhole, the camera can be manually aligned and angled over a 40 degree range using simple touchscreen controls. This makes it perfect for medium budgets and larger pipes, from 225mm to 2000mm in size and up to 120m in length.

Nozzle video cameras:

Nozzle video cameras have a cleaning nozzle head attached to the camera, to allow for simultaneous cleaning and inspecting. From SECA’s range are the JetCam 40 and the JetScan. The JetCam 40 provides cleaning and inspection capabilities, with a camera nozzle that can be curved around bending pipes to clear blockages.

Additionally, the JetScan has a video camera that can quickly capture near real-time HD footage and can be attached to any jetter above 60LPM. These cameras are perfect for small budgets and medium pipes, from 150mm to 1,000mm in size.

The right equipment for the right job

SECA also provides a turnkey solution for inspection vehicles, with customised CCTV vehicle builds that are tailored to suit individual requirements, such as vehicle size, system configuration, load capacities, storage requirements and more.

Whether a camera needs to be put down a manhole or bend around a curved pipe, SECA’s range has a camera for every situation.

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