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The City of Melville has earned a gold waterwise endorsement at a special awards event hosted by Water Corporation, cementing it as one of Western Australia’s leading waterwise councils.

The City was acknowledged for its water-saving efforts as part of Water Corporation’s Waterwise Council Program, which the City has been involved in for more than ten years.

Both of the City’s LeisureFit Centres are certified as waterwise, with water saving initiatives such as timed sensor showers, monitoring filter backwash times and consciously looking after plumbing maintenance.  

The City’s environmental education team continues to promote native verge and garden workshops, while its Living Smart workshops and Buds ‘n’ Bloom courses also feature waterwise initiatives.

The team also works with local primary schools on the Waterwise Schools Program to inspire the next generation to be waterwise.

Other waterwise initiatives from the City include local planting, efficient irrigation management, wetland and lake management, community education and leak management.

The City was presented with a sustainable park bench at Frederick Baldwin Park in Kardinya during 2020 for ten years of participation in the Waterwise Council Program.

Water Corporation Customer and Community General Manager, Karen Willis, said it was fantastic to see businesses and local governments doing their bit to conserve Western Australia’s precious water resources.

“Water efficiency is a shared responsibility across the community – whether in our homes, workplaces or across all levels of government. As our climate continues to change, it’s up to all of us to ensure we use water wisely,” Ms Willis said.

“This is why we support and work with a range of non-residential customers to help them understand their water use and take action to reduce their consumption.

“On behalf of Water Corporation, I’d like congratulate all award recipients for their ongoing commitment to being waterwise and for helping create sustainable, water-efficient communities.”

Featured image: Melville City Council receiving the waterwise award. Courtesy of Melville City Council.


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