Townsville City Council is investing $10.6 million in a landfill cell project at the Stuart Waste Facility, with a local business set to begin construction.

Construction for the project –one of the biggest landfill cell projects ever taken on  by the Council – is set to start in the coming weeks, with Mendia Construction to undertake the work.

Townsville Water and Waste Committee chairperson, Russ Cook, said the two new cells would help create enough capacity to dispose of the region’s waste for the next five years.

“Cells 3B and 3C will have 900,000m³ of capacity, or the equivalent of 360 Olympic-sized swimming pools, to help responsibly dispose of the city’s waste,” Mr Cook said.

“As part of the project, the contractor will complete specialised civil earthworks and line the cells with multiple layers of a geosynthetic lining, to contain leachate and contaminates within the cell and prevent them from leaching into the environment.”

Mr Cook said the construction of these two new cells was essential.

“The current cell was built in 2020 and is due to reach capacity within the next 12 months,” Mr Cook said.

“The community can help extend the life of the cells by ensuring they are disposing of rubbish correctly.

“Residents can do some simple things around the home by throwing out fewer groceries, composting more and ensuring they recycle right.

“We also offer free drop off of recyclables and green waste at all our resource recovery facilities all year round.

“If we all take these steps, we can maximise the life of these cells as Council works to its goal of creating a circular economy that advances business and moves towards zero waste,” Mr Cook said.

Image of Townsville Water and Waste Committee chairperson, Russ Cook, at the Stuart Waste Facility.


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