Building thriving communities, coupled with a dedication to community service, forms the fundamental principles of Australian local governments. Despite the importance of these principles and the continuous efforts to deliver to their citizens every day, doing local government well is a tough gig.

As the community’s service delivery expectations increase, so does the breadth of services that a council is responsible for delivering to their community. In addition, the scope of legislative compliance and reporting obligations continues to grow, and the sources of funding remain relatively fixed and tightly bound to annual planning cycles.

Perhaps most importantly, councils consistently face challenges in attracting, retaining and nurturing their most valuable resources, their people. So, with these challenges comes opportunity. It’s time to double down with focus on your people and teams to drive up productivity. The saying ‘do more with less’ really does ring true for councils.

Dropping or delaying key projects is often not an option, nor is delivering a sub-standard service to the community it serves. Whilst solving these challenges might seem like an impossible task, the answer is actually closer than you think. Here are our top tips to do more with less:

Involve your people and community meaningfully

Within your council, a massive resource of institutional and frontline service delivery knowledge is waiting to be tapped into. Asking the right questions, listening to their feedback and acting quickly so they feel heard, creates a huge opportunity for your people to become more productive and improve service delivery to your community.

Central Hawke’s Bay District Council proved that case by using the AskYourTeam solution to empower and involve their people. “I have people who feel involved, that are connected to our council’s purpose, and ultimately see how what they do connects with the people they serve in the community,” Former CEO, Monique Davidson, said.

Get clear on priorities. Be informed with data

Armed with key insights from your people and community, smart reporting and ‘slice and dice’ analytics help identify exactly where the issues and opportunities are, pinpointing where action needs to be focused. By staying true to that, you’ll naturally filter out lower-priority tasks and allocate resources more efficiently.

The Council on Quality and Leadership say data equals knowledge. Good data provides indisputable evidence, while assumptions might lead to wasted resources due to taking action based on incorrect conclusions. At AskYourTeam, our purpose is simple. To help create the most productive and enjoyable workplaces in the world. We partner with over 50 valued council customers across Australia and New Zealand today, who have chosen our solution to drive continuous improvement.

If you’d like to tap into the insights from your people, and do more with less, reach out for a chat:


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