Boasting over 85 years of expertise, Iplex has positioned itself as a leading water solutions provider in Australia. Through a dedicated commitment to collaboration, expertise, and innovation, Iplex has become a trusted partner for water authorities and within the civil, irrigation, and plumbing markets.

The Iplex product portfolio is a testament to their dedication of advanced solutions that enhance performance, durability, and efficiency. One such innovation is BlackMAX® stormwater pipes and fittings. As the original Australian made large bore structured wall polypropylene pipe manufacturer, Iplex takes incredible pride in offering councils, asset owners, developers and plumbers an alternative to conventional drainage solutions.

Produced from polypropylene, the efficient design of the BlackMAX profile wall features a smooth inner bore and corrugated outer wall, optimising hydraulic performance whilst maintaining structural integrity. Manufactured in Australia, BlackMAX is recognised for its durability and low-cost benefits compared with other conventional drainage pipes.

“We wanted to provide an alternative solution to conventional drainage pipes, offering a durable, lightweight pipe which is resistant to corrosion and root intrusion,” said Iplex National Technical Sales Engineer Don Tasevski. Poor joint performance can lead to leakages and tree root intrusion causing pipe blockages and groundwater infiltration. For this reason, the quality of the joint is critical to the performance of any pipe system.

The BlackMAX jointing system is designed with a high-quality spigot and socket rubber ring. “The spigot and socket design includes a reinforced corrugated socket up to DN525 and a double wall socket ‘cuff’ for larger sizes ensuring added security at the pipe joint,” said Mr Tasevski.

BlackMAX pipes are highly resistant to corrosive and aggressive ground conditions, such as acid sulphate soils and saline ground waters, enabling years of corrosion free service and low maintenance. The Water Services Association of Australia appraisal of Iplex Structured Wall polypropylene pipes state a service life of more than 100 years, if designed and installed in accordance with industry standards.

A key benefit of BlackMAX pipes is the ease of installation compared to conventional drainage pipes. These pipes can be easily manoeuvred in confined areas by hand or with light lifting equipment. And with the recent spotlight on the health implications of silica dust exposure, the advantage of not cutting concrete pipes is becoming an important point in the discussion.

“BlackMAX pipes can be cut without risks of silica dust exposure, pipes can be cut anywhere along the pipe length with a hand saw and joined easily with the rubber ring,” said Mr Tasevski. As Iplex looks to the future, the current BlackMAX range will be extended to provide the complete package of pipes and fittings for project requirements.

“It’s an exciting step forward, as councils and water authorities continue to support alternative products in the stormwater market, the potential for differing sizes and applications will grow,” said Mr Tasevski. “Our large diameter corrugated pipes will provide huge opportunities for our customers and the communities they serve.”

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by Iplex Pipelines Australia. For further information about BlackMAX and other Iplex pipes, contact the team on 1300 047 539 or visit


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