Thanks to their construction, the FK Series – DAB’s professional submersible wastewater pumps – can guarantee reliability, efficiency and ease of maintenance, all of which are important values for installers and maintenance engineers.

Suitable for the transfer of wastewater in public buildings, industries, subways and parking lots, the FK range has been designed for pumping wastewater with varying solids, from the drainage of surface water, up to residential wastewater, from wastewater with high fibre content up to industrial wastewater.

Conveniently, the FK range is available with either a vortex or single channel impeller depending on the application.

Why is the FK series reliable?

New non-clogging vortex impeller

The guarantee of operation comes before efficiency. A new design of the vortex impellers and the total solid handling are respectively the two guarantees to have no-clogging issues.

Moisture sensor

Supplied as a standard option, it allows the prevention of any engine failures due to possible water infiltration in the oil chamber seals.

Bi-component coating

Unlike conventional water-based paints, the bi-component coating is more suitable in aggressive environments such as wastewater. It prevents oxidation and the consequent wear of the pump.

IECEX and ATEX complaint

The FK Series is IECex and ATEX compliant when required for sensitive projects.

New auto coupling DA-V

The seal mounted on the new auto coupling ensures a tight contact, which optimises pumping efficiency while minimising operating costs.

Why is the FK series efficient?

New IE3 motors

The new IE3 premium efficiency motors drastically reduce energy operating costs. Given its low running temperatures, it guarantees operation up to 40°C, as well as thermal protection being standard.

New single channel hydraulics

The new high efficiency single-channel hydraulic has been designed especially for continuous wastewater operations with high flow demand and low fibre content.

Why is the FK series easy to maintain?

One cable to the pump

A single standard cable that encloses power and signal inputs together, drastically reduces the possibility of problems due to cuts or leaks.

Single-unit cartridge seal

A single-unit cartridge seal is a great advantage for maintenance of the pump as it allows the removal and insertion of the seals in less time. It is an exclusive DAB patent: a double mechanical seal Sic-Sic with opposite faces, independent from the rotational direction of the shaft.

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