For underground assets, non-intrusive solutions not only take the physical labour out of the job by avoiding open excavation, but they can also prevent unnecessary damage to the environment. When choosing the right pipe repair solution for a project, it is important to find ways to minimise open excavation to protect the environment and prevent delays.

While sewage and drainage systems are vital pieces of infrastructure, maintaining and repairing these systems can cause disruptions to communities and businesses if they are located in high-traffic areas, such as business districts or transport centres.

The only way to avoid excavation and delays is to deploy a non-invasive solution that can keep public spaces open and drainage infrastructure operational.

Reliable rehabilitation

Quick-Lock is a trenchless pipe repair solution that provides a versatile, long-term solution for point repair, pre-lining stabilisation and liner end sealing.

This rehabilitation system can be applied to a wide variety of pipe materials – including concrete, clay, PVC and steel – which makes it suitable for different drainage systems across Australia. The key benefit of utilising a trenchless repair solution is that the device can be installed with minimal need for excavation or digging.

The Quick-Lock system is transported to the repair spot along the drainage system with a CCTV crawler, then once it is in position, the packer inflates and the locking device holds the sleeve against the pipe. The damage is repaired and pipe sealed all remotely, saving workers heavy physical labour and preventing harm to the surrounding soil.

Continual operations

Leading Civil Solutions was engaged to provide a CCTV survey of the drainage infrastructure at an airport in Victoria to assess and provide recommendations for what repair and maintenance methods would be appropriate – with one of these solutions being Quick-Lock.

Peter Ados, Managing Director at Leading Civil Solutions, said the team used multiple products to facilitate repairs, but found Quick-Lock to be an ideal solution for the project. “We put Quick-Lock towards the client because it has a 50-year lifespan and was easily accepted by the engineer since it helped to keep the runways open during works,” Mr Ados said.

“Using Quick-Lock helped prevent airport delays by avoiding the need for open excavation. The airport had a few critical drainage pathways under their traffic ways and runways, which meant we were able to facilitate the continued operation of the airport without having to shut it down and open-excavate.

“The efficiency and environmental benefit was considerable as well. We did not have to excavate and dispose of soil and backfill, which takes the physical aspect out of the job for the team and reduces the negative impact to the surrounding environment.”

Long-term solution

As a long-term solution, using Quick-Lock helps to reduce future maintenance works, with the systems being made of materials designed for longevity, such as stainless steel. “We have some further stages coming up at the airport and we are going to be using Quick-Lock to assist the airport to minimise downtime and continue working there,” Mr Ados said.

Quick-Lock’s non-invasive installation and longevity set it apart from other rehabilitation systems, providing support for vital infrastructure while also keeping businesses running as usual. As a trusted supplier of drainage and sewage system repair and rehabilitation equipment, Sewer Equipment Company (AUST), or better known as SECA in the Trenchless Industry, offers Quick Lock for Australian councils, businesses and other organisations.

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by SECA. For more information on Quick-Lock and its applications, visit


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