Sydney Water has launched a white paper outlining plans to transition Western Sydney to a circular economy.

The paper, titled Unlocking the circular economy in the Western Parkland City, was developed by Sydney Water and NSW Circular, and based on input from 60 stakeholders across business, government, councils, academia and communities. 

The paper sets out six recommendations to ensure the delivery of a circular economy, including: 

  • Setting targets and policies that help create a circular city 
  • Valuing circular economy outcomes in business cases for infrastructure investment 
  • Better collaboration with industry to make it easier to test new solutions and navigate regulatory processes in a timely and cost-effective way 
  • Creation of systems and incentives to connect circular supply chains 
  • Optimising water cycle management for a green, cool and climate-resilient city 
  • Expansion of biofuel production 

Sydney Water’s Managing Director, Roch Cheroux, said the future of a thriving, liveable Western City Parkland was dependent on government and the private sector collaborating on the circular economy.

“Transitioning to a circular economy ecosystem through thoughtful land-use planning and wider re-use of water, materials and waste will be critical for unlocking sustainable economic growth – but will rely on councils, governments and businesses working together to streamline approvals for technology and other vital investment,” Mr Cheroux said.

“Western Sydney has the opportunity to be a global leader in circular economy implementation and with the extent of greenfield development being planned; for now we must embrace this opportunity.”

Launching the white paper at Parliament House, Minister for Enterprise, Investment and Trade and Minister for Western Sydney, Stuart Ayres MP, outlined his vision for Western Sydney as the centrepiece of global circular economy leadership.

“The New South Wales Government has demonstrated its commitment to driving circular economy outcomes through New South Wales Circular and dedicated grant funding announced yesterday. We have a clear direction – and by working together – we will create a national and global benchmark for a circular economy in the Western Parkland City,” Mr Ayres said. 

“Under the recommendations, turning food waste into energy is one of the largest economic opportunities for the Western Parkland City. Systems for collecting, transporting and converting waste into biofuel could be part of the earliest planning stages and built into new homes and surrounding communities.”

Mr Cheroux said, “Sydney Water is proud to have led this work, which presents a joined-up view on what needs to happen if we are serious about the Western Parkland City becoming a global benchmark for a circular economy on the largest scale seen to date in Australia.

“The circular economy is a trillion-dollar economic opportunity for Australia, and we have the opportunity to become world-class leaders in this field.

“Our vision for a circular city will create a 21st century city that is green, resilient and prosperous.”

Mr Cheroux said,“The opportunities are endless, but we must embrace them now to provide for the future.

“Sydney Water will continue to develop new partnerships to ensure we can play our role in the circular economy and fulfil our vision to create a better life with world-class water services.”


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