The City of Tea Tree Gully in South Australia is installing water smart solutions across urban areas to create cooler, greener and more sustainable living spaces.

The City is implementing Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) by making the best use of water in urban areas, including stormwater. This will reduce harm to rivers and oceans, by capturing, filtering and using water locally. 

As part of the installations, interactive signage has been added to rain gardens, verge soakers, street tree inlets, permeable pavers and constructed wetlands in the City, so residents will be able to see the systems in action.

These systems work to:

  • Slow and store water to prevent flooding
  • Direct more water to plants and trees
  • Remove pollutants for cleaner water
  • Enhance habitat for wildlife
  • Cool suburbs and homes during hot weather
  • Reduce the impacts of climate change

Residents are encouraged to be water smart at home, by using rainwater tanks, reducing hard surfaces outside the home and installing a backyard rain garden. 

The City is working with Resilient East, Water Sensitive SA and Green Adelaide to help ensure it is more climate ready.


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