Townsville City Council has installed 1,616 smart water meters to help reduce water consumption and cut ongoing costs on Magnetic Island.

Townsville Water and Waste Committee chairperson, Russ Cook, said almost all homes and businesses on the Island have received a smart water meter.

“This is great news for residents and the council as we won’t need to send meter readers to Magnetic Island,” Mr Cook said.

“Meters are read four times a year so this will be an ongoing saving for council and ratepayers.

“The installation of the smart water meters was part of the $10 million Water Smart Package and it is a way to better understand water use across the city.”

Local councillor, Ann-Maree Greaney, said the smart meters make it easier for people to monitor their water use.

“The meters allow people to track their consumption online so they can react quickly if they see any changes and they are alerted to potential leaks automatically,” Ms Greaney said.

“This access to near real-time information will reduce costs for families and businesses. The smart meters will also improve the way council manages its own water assets on the Island.”

The Water Smart Package is part of the $225 million three-point water security solution funded by the State Government.


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