Local councils continuously endeavour to improve the quality of life for residents in the community. Whether locals are looking to create memories with family, immerse themselves in cultural ceremonies, or want to mingle with fellow community members over a common interest – councils offer plenty of bookable activities and resources for residents to make the most of.

For councils to offer valuable experiences for residents to explore, in the form of bookable resources, having the support of a reliable security system is a non-negotiable.

The system needs to be reliable and highly advanced, but also effortless to manage; especially since this will typically be the residents’ first point of access before entering the facility.

Smart access solutions

In this day and age, residents expect councils to keep up with the latest technology and security standards – while creating smart access solutions that are as simple as possible to utilise without any compromise on security.

Installing smart access solutions benefits everyone within the community. For councils, it can cut costs relating to installing technology, monitoring keys and the physical need for staff members at the facilities’ entry points, which means councils can allocate these savings into other resources.

With smart access control, councils can simultaneously achieve cost-efficiency and give their residents easier access to the great facilities at hand.

The right solutions to create smart cities

Diverse bookable resources that are backed by the right security measures can create smarter cities and enhance community life – with solutions like TecomC4 having the capabilities to do just that.

TecomC4 is a management software system that delivers a centralised, multi-user solution through one interface and has already been employed across New South Wales city councils.

Fairfield City Council said, “The Tecom solution was at a cost-effective price point, delivered the outcomes we required, and the support is there when we need it, which gives us confidence.”

Any facility that needs a control mechanism to schedule and allocate usage times, or requires access codes to enter certain spaces, can be enhanced by TecomC4’s technology.

Since TecomC4 gives full control over access rights and permissions to match each individual application, it can be scaled to all unique council services, making popular tasks like booking a tennis court or a study room in the library quick and easy.

TecomC4 keeps council buildings and offices highly secure, since it can control who enters certain areas and monitors people coming in and out of different building levels.

TecomC4 also carries over 200 integrations, which means the performance of the building’s CCTV cameras will be even more reliable. Other bookable resources that TecomC4 is optimal in includes community halls, sporting facilities, swimming pools, and boom gates.

TecomC4 is more than a smart access control solution – it’s a scalable and cost-effective investment that allows both council facilities and the public domain to grow faster and stronger, into the future.

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