South Australia’s Circular Economy Market Development Grants Program will provide up to $100,000 in funding per applicant for market development projects involving recycled materials.

Local councils, industry associations, not-for-profit organisations, research institutes and businesses that design, apply and scale-up innovative circular economy business models and practices or produce, manufacture, sell or promote South Australian recycled materials and/or recycled-content products are all eligible to apply for grant funding.

The Circular Economy Market Development Grants Program objectives are intended to:

  • Accelerate adoption of circular economy business models and practices
  • Increase duration of product and material lifecycles and value
  • Facilitate an ongoing increase in the quality, performance and market demand for recycled materials and recycled content products
  • Create or expand market opportunities for new, sustainable products made from recycled materials or existing recycled-content products
  • Improve the quality and supply of waste feedstock for use in manufacturing recycled-content products, and improve market confidence/acceptance in the recycled materials and recycled-content products
  • Connect buyers with suppliers for recycled materials and recycled-content products

Projects must target priority waste materials such as plastics, paper and cardboard, glass, scrap metals, textiles, e-waste, tyres and organics.

Eligible projects include those that validate and improve the quality and performance of local recycled materials or recycled content products or that develop or expand markets.

Total funding of $300,000 is available for the program in 2021-22. 

The closing date for the grant program is Friday 5 November 2021. Please visit Green Industries SA website for more information, the guidelines and the application form.

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  1. Robyn Stoward 2 years ago

    I am currently a geography teacher at Modbury High School and have written a course for Year 10 students called SUSTAINABILE LIVING 2030. 30 students have signed up to learn new practical skills associated with building an ‘earthship.’ These skills will include making seating for an outdoor classroom overlooking a community garden and tennis courts. The students will be using car tires, glass bottles, strawbales, cob, plastic bottles and hempcrete.
    The general idea is for the students to acquire a rich knowledge of alternative building methods that are not only sustainable but have longevity and future beauty.
    The reason I am writing to you is to see if you could be guide me in where i could obtain money or a grant for the course. It is currently not funded by the school. I am starting up and would like to grow this concept in the future.
    Thank you for reading..any suggestions appreciated.
    Take care
    robyn stoward

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