House boundary line

Despite a thorough review of realignment requests from both Livingstone Shire Council and Rockhampton Regional Council, the current boundaries will remain the same.  

Queensland’s Deputy Premier and Minister for Local Government, Steven Miles, has accepted the Local Government Change Commission’s recommendation that no change be made to the external boundaries between the two Central Queensland councils.

“I have accepted the Change Commission’s recommendations and taken the advice of the Department of Local Government,” Mr Miles said.

“I thank the Change Commission for its thorough review and the residents of both Rockhampton and Livingstone who provided their feedback.

The Local Government Change Commission was established as an independent body to assess whether a proposed local government change is in the public interest.

“Both Rockhampton and Livingstone councils, as well as their local communities, were consulted as part of this process,” Mr Miles said.

“The Change Commission also engaged Queensland Treasury Corporation to assess the potential financial impacts and viability of the proposed change on both councils.”

The Glenlee, Rockyview and Glendale areas north of Rockhampton were transferred to Livingstone Shire Council in January 2014, following its de-amalgamation from Rockhampton Regional Council against the advice of the independent commission responsible for reviewing council boundaries.

“When David Crisafulli was Local Government minister, he de-amalgamated Rockhampton and Livingstone shire councils, despite the then Boundaries Commissioner recommending against it,” Mr Miles said.

“The proposed boundary change would have shifted Glenlee, Rockyview and Glendale back to Livingstone. At the time of the request both Councils were in favour of a boundary review.

“Unlike the LNP, I will not ignore the advice of the Change Commission.”


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