In the realm of municipal infrastructure, where the challenges of underground maintenance are both numerous and complex, SECA has introduced a game-changing solution – Cherne Shutout.

Designed to tackle the intricate issues surrounding manhole maintenance, Shutout is a nontoxic, universal manhole sealant and lubricant that promises to revolutionise the way Australian councils approach their manhole assets.

While the average plumber or homeowner may not be directly involved with manhole maintenance, Shutout becomes indispensable in municipalities where professionals work underground, navigating manholes to access pipes. There is an underscoring call for action, citing a substantial issue around Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) that councils grapple with.

The history

The beginning of Shutout traces back to a forward-thinking sanitary district worker in the USA who applied one of Cherne’s existing products to a manhole, observing a noteworthy reduction in inflow and infiltration. Cherne took this innovative spark and refined the product, giving birth to Shutout.

This groundbreaking solution comes in a convenient caulk tube and is applied in a beaded manner around the manhole’s edge – not only does Shutout seal manholes, but it also acts as a lubricant for manhole covers, easing the extraction process. Shutout is meticulously applied to manhole frames, creating a perfect seal that ensures airtight and watertight frames and cover interfaces.

Transforming manhole maintenance for councils

Shutout’s versatility is a standout feature, adhering to dry, wet, hot, and cold surfaces, and providing optimal protection in diverse Australian environmental conditions.

This innovative solution not only reduces inflow but also eases the burden on waterworks contractors and municipalities. Shutout’s application requires no additional training, taking only a few minutes for completion, including preparation and clean-up. Its use of a caulking tube makes it easily transportable, seamlessly integrating into regular operations and maintenance activities.

Australian councils will find Shutout’s compatibility with most existing manhole installations advantageous, eliminating the need for costly replacements. The product’s preventive approach, inhibiting inflow upon initial application, is complemented by its lubricating properties, which significantly decrease the force required to open manhole covers.

This dual functionality addresses critical challenges faced by collection system workers during routine maintenance. As councils navigate the complexities of manhole asset management, Shutout emerges as a universal, cost-effective, and job-site ready solution. Cherne, the USA distributor’s commitment to quality, showcased since 1916, is epitomised in Shutout.

As one of Australia’s leading sewer, storm water and pipe rehabilitation equipment suppliers, SECA has decades of experience in delivering the most cutting-edge solutions in asset management. For more information, visit


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