Restrictions on connections and disconnections of remote smart electricity meters in NSW have now been lifted, allowing customers across the state to benefit from savings and improved connection experiences.

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s Executive Director Energy, Andrew Lewis, said by allowing this remote function, customers’ connection fees are expected to fall by at least 75 per cent and they’ll have much quicker access to power once they have moved into a new address.

“We expect connection fees to be in the order of $10 to $20 rather than the present situation where customers are faced with anything from $85 to $530,” Mr Lewis said.

“Customers will no longer have to wait days for an electricity technician to attend the premises before they can switch the lights on – it’ll be a matter of hours for most customers.

“By relaxing this restriction, we’re giving retailers an increased incentive to roll out more smart meters across NSW delivering benefits to customers, particularly those in regional NSW who face higher fees for technicians to come out to their property.”

Currently 23 per cent of NSW customers have smart meters, according to the Australian Energy Market Operator, though this is rising quickly.

Mr Lewis said existing national consumer protections for vulnerable customers, such as those facing financial stress or with life support equipment, will continue to apply to ensure that no customer would be worse off.

“We also expect adherence to the Australian Energy Regulator’s Statement of Expectations for COVID-19, which requests retailers not to complete any disconnections without the customer’s approval and provide additional support to vulnerable customers until at least 31 March 2021.”

Director of Consumer Building & Property at NSW Fair Trading, Matthew Whitton, said the NSW Government will support the lifting of the restriction by implementing a new safety framework for retailers and metering providers.

“Retailers and metering providers will need to submit plans to NSW Fair Trading covering safety management and customer and technical procedures before they can undertake remote connection and disconnection, because safety is a priority that cannot be compromised.”

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  1. Robert Picone 3 years ago

    Hopefully this will apply to the replacement of old meters with smart meters. I have a 50 year old meter and I suspect it is not reading correctly given that the graphs produced by my retailer – Origin Energy, tell me that I am using double the power consumption of same size families in my area. This, despite the fact that I have energy efficient light bulbs, 4 star rated washing machine, use only cold water to wash clothes, ecco setting always used on dishwasher, off peak hot water, I dont own a pool and only have 1 fridge and one TV and don’t have any energy consuming machinery. Origin wanted to charge me between $450 -$750 just to test the old meter!!! Please mandate new meter for all households at the estimated $10-$20 cost NOW!!!

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