The Power Line Environment Committee (PLEC) is seeking registrations of interest for proposals to underground power lines from councils in South Australia, to enhance streetscaping.

The PLEC is seeking proposals to underground power lines in historic areas, major shopping precincts and other locations of community benefit. Undergrounding can enable trees to be established and streetscaping projects to be implemented, improving the appearance of a locality.

The PLEC assists local governments with initiatives to enhance the aesthetics of a location by undergrounding power lines. 

The Office of the Technical Regulator (OTR) advises that in order to assist proponents with project planning, undergrounding projects are identified up to two years in advance. Accordingly, a program for 2023 is currently being developed and proposals during and beyond that period need to be identified.

The OTR also advises that the number of main roads (metropolitan arterial roads) projects that can be funded within a particular financial year is limited by the funds made available by the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT). However, planning for such projects can be extended beyond the general planning timeframe.

Proposals for projects on DIT roads in regional areas can be undertaken where DIT grants permission for the installation of SA Power Networks’ lighting infrastructure in lieu of its own.


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