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Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) has announced it will transition its fleet to electric vehicles (EV), endorsing a strategic plan to provide a pathway to sustainable fuel assets. 

The Fleet Transition to Sustainable Fuel Action Plan was adopted by Council at the Ordinary Meeting on 16 May 2023 and will provide a blueprint for the strategic transition to sustainable fuel assets.

TRC Infrastructure Services Portfolio Chair, Cr Carol Taylor, said the adoption of the plan was a key step in Council reducing its carbon footprint.

“Sustainability is one of the five goals of TRC as an organisation under our Corporate Plan and to deliver on that commitment back to our community, we must look at all avenues to become more sustainable, which includes transitioning our fleet to alternative fuel sources over time.

“Council has approximately 700 light and heavy vehicles and 1,100 earthmoving, mowing and other equipment assets that may be suitable for transitioning to sustainable fuels in the future. The Action Plan Council has adopted will be incorporated into the Fleet and Logistics Business Plan and provide the framework for assessing the feasibility of transitioning each fleet asset.

“Council has begun the transitioning journey with work currently underway trialling electric vehicles, mowers and various other equipment. The lessons being learned from these initial introductions will assist Council with the overall transitioning of fleet assets to sustainable fuel sources. An electric vehicle

“In the modern world, Council simply can’t sit on its hands when it comes to having a more sustainable fleet and we are using feedback and benchmarking from the broader industry and many other local government areas from across Australia to implement a robust plan that will ensure we continue to deliver the services the community expects while reducing our carbon footprint.

“The plan is not just about electric vehicles, there will be other technologies implemented as the plan unfolds over the next decade or more,” Cr Taylor said.

The strategic plan will also involve the roll-out over time of charging infrastructure across Council facilities and the updating of a number of internal Council policies and procedures aligned to use of these vehicles and plant items.

Featured image: Courtesy of Toowoomba Regional Council.


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