Pedestrians in Sydney, Australia

Northern Beaches Council, in partnership with Transport for NSW, is trialling three new 3D pedestrian crossings in high traffic areas of Manly over summer, in a New South Wales-first.

The new crossings create an optical illusion, appearing to rise up from the pavement, and providing an innovative way to improve pedestrian safety and slow down motorists.

Example of 3D crossing in Europe. Image: courtesy of Gevecko.

Example of 3D crossing in Europe. Image: courtesy of Gevecko.

3D crossings have been used in numerous locations in Europe and America, as well as a few Australian locations, with research showing that they can reduce traffic speeds and improve public safety. 

Driver, pedestrian and community behaviour will be assessed during the first six months of the trial to determine the crossing’s effectiveness and consider if it should be applied to other high pedestrian and vehicle traffic across the area.

The installation commenced with the removal of the existing crossings, with the installation of the new crossing markings currently underway. 

Pedestrians are asked to take extra care while the work is being completed.


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