Featured image: Coastline in Wollongong, New South Wales. Image courtesy of Wollongong City Council.

Following community concerns, Wollongong City Council in New South Wales is expected to make a submission regarding the Federal Government proposed offshore wind development area, extending across Wombarra to Kiama.  

A recommendation will see Council request further consideration around the visual and environmental impacts on the coastline, and clarity on the expected benefits for the local community.

Wollongong City Lord Mayor Councillor, Gordon Bradbery, said the proposal can help the area become a clean energy city, explore innovative technology, and create local jobs but noted there were community concerns that needed to be listened to and responded to by the Federal Government.

“Strategically, while the concept is still in its early days, it does align with our efforts to respond to the climate emergency,” Mayor Bradbery said. 

“We’re committed to be open to discussions and engage with new opportunities like this so that we can advocate for the best outcomes for our city, community, and local environment. 

“We support local renewable energy generation which can help us reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions for Wollongong by 2050 and offer significant local employment opportunities.

“That said, we know our residents are passionate about our beautiful coastline and concerned about impacts to marine life, coastal amenity and pollution. 

“This community feedback has been heard by Council loud and clear, and we are calling on the Federal Government to address these concerns and undertake a rigorous environmental assessment before the project progresses.

“We’d also like them to consider extending the minimum distance from the coastline and restricting the size to minimise visual impact on our coast.”

For more information,  read the Council report here.

Featured image: Coastline in Wollongong, New South Wales. Image courtesy of Wollongong City Council.

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