Bunbury light displays

The City of Bunbury has completed a decorative lighting project at eight key locations throughout the city in an initiative to connect the community, boost the City’s vibrant culture and welcome visitors into the CBD year-round.

The eight locations throughout the City’s CBD include the Marlston Hill Lookout, Koombana Bay Footbridge, Koombana Bay Foreshore, Marlston Waterfront, Guppy Park, the Navigators at the Koombana Drive roundabout, Richmond Reserve and the historic Arrol Crane at Jetty Road.

The chosen spaces will be illuminated for key City events and important dates such as NAIDOC week, National Volunteers week and other public awareness campaigns.

City of Bunbury CEO, Mal Osborne, said, “All City projects focus on the community impact and this helps to promote safety and important public awareness campaigns as well as helping us become a more efficient and sustainable organisation.

“By deploying modern and smart technologies we can continue to engage and better support our community.”

In partnering with VROC and local contractors JCW Electrical, the project includes the installation of new high-grade efficient LED lights which are all remotely connected to one centralised platform.

VROC CEO, Trevor Bloch, said, “This project is a great example of where technology can be used to activate CBD spaces and make a city more appealing, as well as support the councils’ objective of sustainable asset management.”

The City will have unparalleled control over these lights, with the ability to monitor their live status, pre-set lighting for events and alert on faults with further capability for predictive maintenance alerts in the future.

The project is part of an overall objective to use digital technology to improve and automate services and facilities across the City.

The City, through the use of VROC’s Smart City Platform, can now remotely monitor and control both decorative lighting, stormwater pump stations and lighting at the Hay Park sporting precinct.


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