The completed public space on the corner of Kerr and Brunswick streets.

Construction has completed on a new public space on the corner of Kerr and Brunswick Streets in Fitzroy, Melbourne, the first of a set of projects in Yarra City’s Brunswick Street Streetscape Masterplan. 

This project has gone through extensive consultation with the community. The seating space was featured as part of the Brunswick Street Masterplan community consultation in 2019 and 2020. 

Between digital submissions and pop-ups around Brunswick Street, over 500 pieces of feedback were received for the Masterplan. 

More than 70 per cent of people who participated indicated support for public space improvements at the Kerr Street corner due to the bustling pedestrian routes and busy cafes.

In August and September 2021, Yarra City Council asked the community for feedback on a draft concept design for the proposed seating space. After incorporating the feedback from over 100 residents into the new design, construction began in early 2023 and was completed on Sunday 2 June.

The new public space provides a dynamic meeting place for the public with flexible seating options to maximise sociability and enhance street life. 

The seating platforms are constructed from bricks and natural stone that was manufactured and quarried in Victoria.

Building upon Brunswick Street’s history of incorporating ceramics in public spaces and architecture, contemporary ceramic artist Kate Jones was engaged to add moments of intricacy to the platforms through the application of experimental slips and glazes.

Yarra City Council said this project has delivered a new high-quality public space in a busy precinct which has little access to public and open space.

It offers an attractive and welcoming place for the public to enjoy, fostering social interaction and contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of Brunswick Street.

Featured image: The completed public space at the corner of Kerr and Brunswick Streets. Image Credit: Yarra City Council.


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