The Federal Government has released the Solar Consumer Guide, which is designed to inform Australians about the potential benefits of rooftop solar with the help of consumer solar and battery calculator, SunSPOT. 

The Federal Government is encouraging councils across Australia to share these free, independent resources with their ratepayers to help them invest in rooftop solar.

The Solar Consumer Guide is for householders and small businesses and was developed with the assistance of industry stakeholders and solar experts from the Australian PV Institute and UNSW – the same team that produced the SunSPOT solar and battery calculator.

The Solar Consumer Guide provides step-by-step independent advice to help households and small businesses get the most out of rooftop solar and batteries, and make confident and informed decisions.

The Solar Consumer Guide helps with:

  • Finding out what solar system size you need, and the cost and savings to be made (using SunSPOT)
  • Finding rebates you’re eligible for
  • Explaining how solar makes savings on bills
  • The basics of solar technology
  • Options for the solar system’s design
  • How to find a reputable solar company
  • What details to look for in the quote, and questions to ask the company
  • What to do in the event a problem arises

With tailored estimates from SunSPOT and helpful advice from the Solar Consumer Guide, consumers can feel more confident about buying the right solar system for their needs.


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