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The net zero by 2035 target for Indigo Shire Council progresses forward, with its one year results showing a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 1,100 tonnes of C02-e. 

The reduction is a result of the Victorian Electricity Collaboration (VECO), which Council joined in May 2021 along with 45 other Victorian Councils.

In its first year as part of the collaboration, Indigo Shire Council has not only lowered its electricity consumption on previous years, but it has also spent significantly less on electricity.

Indigo Shire was one of the first councils in Victoria to declare a Climate Emergency in July 2019, with climate change mitigation forming a key part of its Council Plan.

Indigo Shire Council CEO, Trevor Ierino, said he was thrilled with the results.

“We take climate change and its impacts very seriously so it is really pleasing to see such a significant result in just 12 months. We’re excited to see what we can achieve in the next year,”  Mr Ierino said.

Council has developed an Emissions Reduction Plan to help achieve its goal of net zero by 2035 and has recently purchased two more electric vehicles (EV), increasing its fleet to four.

VECO is the largest emissions reduction project ever undertaken by the local government sector in Australia, with the 46 Councils joining forces in a power purchase agreement with Red Energy to electrify their buildings and facilities with 100 per cent renewable energy.

ELECTRICITY 2019/20 2020/21 2021/22
Total cost $261,468 $241,829 $195,105
Total consumption 1,053,747 kWh 1,034,582 kWh 862,439kWh
Scope 1 Emissions 0t CO2-e 0t CO2-e 0t CO2-e
Scope 2 Emissions 1,024 t CO2-e 972 t CO2-e 17t CO2-e
Scope 3 Emissions 150 t CO2-e 150 t CO2-e 2t CO2-e
Total Emissions 1,175 t CO2-e 1,123 t CO2-e 19t CO2-e

Image courtesy of Indigo Shire Council. 


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