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For many councils, managing assets using smart solutions can seem like a pipe dream, with fears the technology may be hard to install, manage and maintain. This is why choosing suppliers that provide ongoing support is key – especially when it comes to essential assets in the community such as manholes and sewers.

The management of manhole covers is a common pain point for councils, with the inspection and maintenance of these assets a dirty, dangerous and often cramped job.

For jobs like this, solutions that access the condition of an underground or hard to reach asset are invaluable – especially if it also provides accompanying customer support. Unsurprisingly these solutions are becoming more popular with councils Australia-wide.

Air-Loc® Manhole Testers provide the most efficient, accurate, and costeffective method of testing new, existing, and rehabilitated manholes. Vacuum testingnidentifies infiltration and exfiltration problems

Keeping costs low

One of the biggest challenges for councils when it comes to inspecting manholes is the cost of staffing the entire process, causing times between inspections to become longer. SECA, which supplies state-of-the-art pipeline camera technology and highly skilled maintenance services throughout Australia, has multiple solutions to aid in the automated inspection of manholes, to keep costs and job times low.

CleverScan, a product supplied by SECA, is an automated manhole scanner and camera with a focus on maximising details and minimising the costs of inspections. To achieve this, the system was built to be automated, portable and light enough for a single person to deploy, and boasts a high-resolution lens – so nothing is missed in the process.

Once this data is collected in the field, it needs to be kept in a platform that is up to date, accessible and accurate. WinCan, also supplied by SECA, allows users to collect pipe inspection data, organise it in a database, generate reports and share with relevant parties. WinCan can upload data as it is captured in real time – so all team members can see updates instantly.

Testing manholes easily

The process of testing manholes and using manholes to test and monitor sewer systems, can be fraught with challenges. Smoke testing is a tried and tested method for monitoring sewer systems and finding areas where inflow is entering the system, connected roof and basement drains and illegal taps, amongst other uses.

Smoke testing is a straightforward concept – simply introduce smoke into a sewer line using a smoke-generating device blower.

Through catching inflow early, councils can save costs by avoiding having to treat contaminated water at treatment plants.

Cherne Air-Loc® Smoke Testing Products, as supplied by SECA, has an extensive range of products to make manhole and sewer testing as easy as possible. Cherne Air-Loc® Manhole Testers are specifically for testing manholes, and are able to test new and rehabilitated assets using vacuum testing that can discover infiltration and exfiltration issues.

Why SECA’s solutions?

SECA provides ongoing support and training from start to finish, helping councils to incorporate its plethora of solutions into any existing system – big or small. SECA also has a variety of stock available and ready to ship, leaving long wait times and shipping delays in the past.

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