An audit report has revealed that a majority of councils in Queensland are financially unsustainable.

Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) Chief Executive Officer, Alison Smith, said the audit office has found 48 of Queensland’s 77 councils are financially unsustainable, which is up from 46 last year and 45 in the 2021 report.

“This audit office report comes just weeks after the LGAQ released a report into cost-shifting that found a staggering $360 million gap every single year between what councils were being paid to provide and what they were having to spend to support critical community needs.”

Ms Smith said it is no surprise that so many councils are falling into the red as they are having to step in because the State and Federal governments and the private sector have pulled the pin on essential services.

“Queensland councils have reached a tipping point where they and their communities cannot continue to fund the services and infrastructure that are properly the responsibility of State and Federal governments and the private sector.”

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  1. dry 4 months ago

    I think you have to adjust to correct terminology. It would be more correct to say financially viable or not financially viable. Not too sure where financial sustainability creeped in. Let’s hold discussion.

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