Whether it’s managing rubbish, removing graffiti, cleaning public toilets, sweeping footpaths, or even cleaning up bird droppings – councils have a tough workload when it comes to city presentation and maintaining urban greenery – a workload that can take up a lot of resources.

Local governments want to do the right thing by the environment, and build a reputation for themselves of championing sustainability.

A local council located in Melbourne’s east committed to a 45 per cent reduction in corporate greenhouse gas emissions and to be carbon neutral in 2022. The Cleansing Coordinator has witnessed firsthand the impact the council has made as it progresses towards its carbon-neutral goals.

The Melbourne local government said that most residents and ratepayers can see the long-term environmental and economic benefits of council choosing to buy electric vehicles and equipment over fossil-fuelled counterparts.

“People praise us for being progressive and future thinking. We’re not a typical old council. We are looking at innovation at all times.”

But with the next step transitioning to a green fleet of machinery and equipment, the council needed to do the research.

“When we review new equipment, we check if there’s an electric version. When I go out to market, I’ll contact both diesel and electric-powered suppliers. The review process is the same. We look at the pros and cons.

“We compare an electric machine like every other machine in the matrix. How fast does it sweep? How much does it carry? What is its physical working time?”

During this review, the council discovered EcoTeq Zero Emission Solutions, and the EcoWash 100 caught their attention.

In its report, the local government was convinced that this machine would save time, perform better than existing set-ups, be more eco-friendly and have economic benefits in the long run.

So far, the EcoWash 100 has proven to be a great investment. The EcoWash 100 is a new machine and unlike anything else on the market, and though hard to make a direct comparison between the cost of running and maintaining this machine and other high-pressure cleaners, where it’s clearly a winner is with maintenance.

“One of the reasons we got an electric machine is that there’s no moving parts. From a maintenance point of view, it’s brilliant. We just make sure the batteries are topped up and filters changed. It saves us downtime.

“It solves so many problems with access to hard-to-reach places, water, and a high-pressure hose. It’s a true multitasking machine – from removing bird droppings, then pressure washing a bin, then removing moss from under a park seat. I cannot praise this machine enough. It’s a game-changer in my industry. The machine is brilliant. I love it.”

The council is now considering a 100 per cent electric commercial mower, such as the Mean Green range offered by EcoTeq. It’s a big step forward, whereby replacing just one commercial mower is the emissions reduction equivalent to taking 135 cars off the road.

This is a sponsored editorial brought to you by EcoTeq, for more information phone 1800 100 150 or visit ecoteq.com.au


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