The Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) has called for the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) to issue a public apology to the wrongly charged former Logan councillors, following a report into the CCC’s handling of the matter. 

The LGAQ also called for the CCC Chair, Alan MacSporran, accept responsibility and stand down as chair following the Parliamentary Crime and Corruption Committee’s (PCCC) finding that, in a “serious failure” of his duties, Mr MacSporran did not ensure that the CCC acted at all times independently and impartially in the handling of the Logan matter. 

LGAQ President, Mayor Mark Jamieson, said the only way the CCC could move forward and win back public confidence would be for Mr MacSporran to stand down and for the Queensland Government to ensure any structural changes occur as quickly as possible. 

“The findings of the Parliamentary Crime and Corruption Committee’s report into the charging of the former Logan councillors is sobering reading for all Queenslanders,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“The Crime and Corruption Commission heralds great power in this state. Queenslanders need its actions to always be objective, independent and beyond reproach.

“But today the PCCC has proven what the LGAQ and the former councillors wrongly charged have known all along, the CCC and its officers did not act in an unbiased manner in bringing the case against these former elected members.  

“The CCC acted outside the laws that govern it. The CCC charged elected officials without taking all evidence into account. It charged elected officials out of a desire to assist a third party. This is unacceptable. It is a serious blight on the integrity agency and change must start now and at the top.

“The public must have confidence in institutions like the CCC in order for it to properly fulfill its role.

“We therefore call on the CCC Chair to act in the interests of the future of this important institution and stand down from the role.”

Mayor Jamieson said the adversely impacted councillors deserved adequate recompense.

“As a result of the CCC’s actions, seven people who had dedicated their lives to public service had their careers cut short in an instant. 

“Their reputations were irreparably damaged and their lives were turned upside down. A duly elected council was also dismissed.

“The voters of Logan have been able to move on, having elected a new council at last year’s local government elections.

“The former councillors impacted also deserve justice. Today I renew the LGAQ’s call for a public apology to be issued and for them to be compensated for the losses they have suffered as a result of the CCC’s wrongful actions.”


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