The execution of Australia’s energy transition is becoming more urgent, leading to new, innovative ways of reducing emissions being considered, and used, across the country. For example, at an everyday wastewater treatment facility in Sydney’s South-East, a solution to the complex energy transition conundrum is emerging – turning waste into energy and embracing a circular economy.

At Jemena’s Malabar Biomethane Facility, gas supply is being redefined, evolving from a source of emissions to a means of emissions reduction. The project symbolises the revolution of renewable gas, a profound paradigm shift in the way the nation thinks about gas and the role of gas networks, in the crucial transition to a lower emissions economy.

Jemena has begun extracting biomethane from wastewater and injecting it into its New South Wales gas network from the ground-breaking Malabar demonstration project, co-funded by ARENA.

Initially the project will target 95 terajoules (TJs) of gas annually, before expanding to 200TJs of biomethane within four years – equivalent to the average annual gas needs of approximately 13,300 homes.

For local governments, this story has a compelling chapter: the opportunity to create opportunities in attracting investment and enhancing sustainability outcomes, by linking waste services with the generation of renewable gas.

While still in its infancy in Australia, renewable gas including biomethane made from organic waste – is now a crucial part of Europe’s energy mix, showcasing a great opportunity for Australia to mirror this success if policy is formed to encourage investment and uptake.

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