Local councils are constantly seeking more efficient and sustainable ways of operating and maintaining assets. This is why shifting from complex legacy systems that have little integration, to cloud-based solutions and investing in SaaS, is a key priority for many local councils looking to the future.

The expansion of modern enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions is important for local councils for numerous reasons – including improving efficiency and profitability.

Brightly Vice President for Asia Pacific, Shaun Butler, explains how a strategic digital transformation can help local councils.

“There is a global ambition for establishing a better, more sustainable future spanning across industry and government. We are seeing this clearly with the Federal Government’s recent commitment to net zero by 2050, but we know we won’t reach these targets without innovative technology to guide our path,” Mr Butler said.

Boosting sustainability through innovative solutions

Adopting enterprise management software can also help to support councils in achieving more sustainable business outcomes.

“Digitalisation is already happening with manufacturing and other heavy industries, and those fields have seen dramatic improvements in workforce efficiency and morale,” Mr Butler said.

“EAM software helps companies monitor millions of business transactions, workflows, and maintenance tasks, which makes it possible to track potential supply chain issues and quickly address them.”

Short and long-term wins

Local councils are pushing to improve front-end operations while making it easier to manage tedious back-end tasks.

But how can management teams enhance operational efficacy, yet avoid a possible financial burden?

1. Cost optimisation: EAM solutions aim to reduce these costs while modernising workflow operations and asset management. With growing concerns over rising maintenance budgets, EAM solutions are gaining traction as a means to overhaul their operations and reduce costs.

2. Data capture to assess trends and efficiency: Logging downtime is a crucial part of ensuring assets run smoothly. Management teams don’t want to forfeit productivity or risk losing or damaging assets; so it makes sense that businesses would support a smart strategy to monitor the health of their investments with a capable EAM solution.

3. Ongoing maintenance initiatives: A breakdown in any asset could stop production for days or weeks, which results in unforeseen costs and strain on employee morale and community outcomes. Effective asset management systems support lean workflow by ensuring employees have the tools and equipment they need to be productive.

Minimise costs

By enabling real-time tracking of assets, a centralised repository for asset information, and rapid response to alerts and issues, an asset management system can minimise maintenance costs and reduce time spent on corrective action.

Local councils need real-time data from their assets to stay competitive on budget and online, this is why sustainable systems are becoming an essential part of how the world operates on a macro scale.

“Brightly is committed to providing intelligent solutions for local councils to create a more sustainable future. This transition will be vast and all encompassing, we understand the role of technology in supporting councils to streamline processes and achieve positive outcomes,” Mr Butler said.

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