The City of Vincent – nestled in the suburbs of Perth – is committed to growing local businesses, unveiling multiple improved webpages to help entrepreneurs bring their small businesses to life.

Following the pandemic many small businesses took a hit, with many still on the long term road to recovery today. To aid in this process, the City of Vincent is hoping to boost its local economy through the introduction of new online resources for young entrepreneurs and business-owners.

The newly launched three webpages, found on the Council’s website, feature easy-to-understand information, frequently answered questions (FAQ) and interactive tools.

Helping community go-getters

The Before you sign a commercial lease page has FAQs around what is a lease, whether the proposed land use is a permitted use and which approvals are needed to run a business.

Real estate agents can also access the Information for real estate agents to support small business page, which includes details on how to find a property’s zoning and previous approvals and when development approval is required for a change of use application.

The Step by step approval process page has a comprehensive roadmap that summarises the essential steps for business owners to get the approvals needed.

Vincent is open for business

This initiative was a key outcome from Council’s participation in the Small Business Friendly Approvals Program, run by the Small Business Development Corporation. “We understand that it can be quite daunting to start a new business or take over an existing one,” City of Vincent Mayor, Emma Cole, said.

“At Vincent, we are open for business and are doing what we can to support local entrepreneurs and small business owners in their approvals journey. “Our staff members from planning, building, health, communications and governance teams have worked together to form these new webpages to make the lives of small business owners and real estate agents easier.

“From permits and licenses to inspections and compliance, we have also come up with a roadmap of a step-by-step approvals process which acts like a simple guide for people to follow.”

Building a thriving community

The roadmap includes a step for Public Space Activation, which outlines the eleven different ways businesses could use the surrounding streetscape to activate their business. These include alfresco dining, street entertainment, street furniture, parklets, eatlets and more.

“Our town centres are full of parklets, alfresco dining and street furniture, which are all loved by our locals and visitors,” Mayor Cole said. “We encourage business owners to think outside the box to utilise our streets, town centre parks, and civic squares to engage customers and enhance the streetscape.”


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