The Hornsby Shire Council has welcomed the New South Wales Government’s newly revealed plans to address the state’s housing supply by rezoning land around eight train stations, which could provide Council with an opportunity to enhance its own Hornsby Town Centre Masterplan. 

Adopted at its General Meeting in November 2023, the Masterplan comes to fruition after five years of strategic planning, supported by comprehensive studies and analysis and prepared in collaboration with state agencies, land-owners and significant community consultation.

In line with the State Government’s objective to accelerate housing supply, the Masterplan provides a vision to facilitate the delivery of more than 4,900 dwellings and 4,500 new jobs in towers up to 36 storeys in height – a boost in population that requires careful planning and commitment by all levels of government to ensure that coordinated delivery of supporting infrastructure.

Hornsby Shire Mayor, Philip Ruddock, said that Council has a proven track record of successfully preparing local housing strategies in close consultation with its community while respecting the unique bushland setting that defines Hornsby Shire.

“I’m very proud of the immense amount of work that has gone into ensuring that our Masterplan delivers not only adequate housing but also design excellence, environmental sustainability, heritage conservation and creation of quality places for people to live, work and recreate,” Mayor Ruddock said. 

“Critical to the success of this Masterplan is the delivery of the essential infrastructure, which will ensure that the current and future community of Hornsby Shire experiences a liveable and sustainable environment.

“We welcome the State Government’s recognition of this need and look forward to a collaborative approach in delivering the Masterplan’s facilities, improvements and upgrades as identified by our extensive planning and consultative processes.”


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