Following the huge uptake of home battery systems in the past year as part of the South Australian Home Battery Scheme, the price of batteries has fallen by an average of $2,200 since October 2018. With the success of the Scheme, the South Australian Government’s maximum subsidy will reduce from $4000 to $3000.

Minister for Energy and Mining, Dan van Holst Pellekaan, said the Home Battery Scheme has been highly popular with households across South Australia.

“There are less than 600 subsidies still available at the current subsidy level, after which the subsidy will reduce to a maximum of $3000 per battery installed,” Mr van Holst Pellekaan said.

“We’re providing subsidies for batteries and low interest loans for batteries and new solar installations, allowing households to take control of their energy use and drive down their power bills.

“The Home Battery Scheme has also paved the way for commercial providers to launch new Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) in South Australia, which operate batteries together like a power plant, providing even lower battery prices and bigger savings to households who join in.

“Alongside the State Government’s Virtual Power Plant and the free batteries for bushfire victims, this takes the total number of home batteries committed and installed in SA to over 20,000.

“By getting a battery, South Australian consumers not only can enjoy affordable, reliable electricity, but they are also supporting our state’s transition to a clean, green renewables-based economy.

“ESCOSA has confirmed that the average electricity price offer has reduced by $158 to June this year, and more retailers have offered price reductions since then.

“With the largest per capita home battery roll-out in the world, the South Australian Government is meeting its vision of a sustainable market for assembly and installation of batteries in SA.”

The installation of batteries and associated solar panels are sustaining the equivalent of at least 140 full-time installer jobs, as well as jobs in battery assembly and finance in South Australia.


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