Hobart transport infrastructure upgrades

The Tasmanian Government has detailed plans for a range of initiatives to reduce traffic in its major city.

The plan includes immediate actions as well as longer term projects to deliver the transport infrastructure for the growing state.

The transfer of ownership of Macquarie and Davey streets to the Tasmanian Government has been completed, along with changes to legislation that allows towing of vehicles in clearways.

The development of real-time traffic monitoring systems is underway, alongside plans to improve Hobart’s traffic incident response capability.

Planning is underway for a new bus transit centre for the Hobart CBD, with bus priority lanes, overtaking opportunities, and widening and duplication works planned for several major highways.

To ease south-east traffic, the Tasmanian Government is planning an upgrade to the Hobart Airport Interchange and the Sorell southern bypass.

A new project is also set to deliver a commuter ferry between Bellerive and Sullivans Cove.

The Tasmanian Government cites traffic congestion as a major concern in Hobart, with traffic expected to increase by ten per cent with the start of the school year.


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