Neighbourhood and community batteries are becoming an increasingly important part of the local and national electricity market. And now, groups are being offered more choice when it comes to the types of batteries they install within their communities.

For generations, Decon Corporation has shaped Australia’s electrical and telecommunications landscapes. Now, Decon is poised to play a pivotal role in a new era of clean energy, not just as innovators, but as passionate advocates for sustainable technologies.

This transition is marked by its embrace of Sodium-Metal Chloride (NaNiCl) batteries, a game-changer for reliable and environmentally friendly energy storage.

A modular building block for clean energy independence

Leveraging its existing manufacturing expertise, Decon has embedded these revolutionary batteries into its clean energy offerings, crafting reliable and sustainable solutions. Among the company’s most notable developments is the Smart Power Cell, a product already adopted by major telecommunication carriers like NBN and Optus to bolster network resilience against disasters, ensuring continued communications to emergency services personnel and local residents in the event of power failure.

Imagine the Smart Power Cell as a versatile building block for clean energy independence. It’s a modular system that combines NaNiCl batteries with renewable energy sources like solar and wind. This allows the cell to store excess energy generated during peak hours, providing reliable power when the sun sets or the wind dies down.

This adaptability makes the Smart Power Cell ideal for a diverse range of applications, from powering remote communities off the grid to providing backup power for critical infrastructure during blackouts. Furthermore, its compact size and minimal environmental impact make it a welcome addition to both sensitive ecosystems and urban landscapes.

Collaboration and innovation: beyond functionality

The Smart Power Cell showcases not only Decon’s technological prowess but also its commitment to collaborative innovation. The company actively works with renewable energy suppliers and system integrators to develop customised solutions tailored to specific needs. This collaborative approach ensures that the Smart Power Cell reaches its full potential, benefiting communities and businesses across Australia.

Decon’s commitment to innovation pushes beyond the existing Smart Power Cell. With funding from the Victorian Government, the company has developed an AC version, with the aim of unlocking even more application possibilities. This innovative product is set to harness the strengths of sodium-metal chloride batteries, offering robust and environmentally friendly energy solutions for diverse needs across a diverse range of sectors.

In the rugged environment of construction sites, it provides consistent power for tools and equipment. Remote offices and research stations gain off-grid energy independence, while festivals and outdoor events can be powered sustainably and reliably.

The Smart Power Cell AC can also be used in off-grid charging stations to enable electric vehicle charging in remote areas, while communities and vital services gain a dependable and sustainable backup power source in uncertain times.

A sustainable future for all Australians

Decon’s vision transcends simply building clean energy solutions. The company is championing a sustainable future for all Australians. Its dedication to collaboration, innovation, and responsible practices positions Decon as key players in this transformative chapter of our energy landscape. As the race for cleaner technologies intensifies, Decon is advocating for Australian progress and shaping a future powered by NaNiC batteries.

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