The City of Greater Geelong is continuing its commitment to sustainability through its Sustainability Performance Report, which tracks progress annually against its Sustainability Framework Action Plan.

Environmental, social and economic initiatives have helped create a more sustainable community, as the City continues its efforts to reduce carbon emissions across its operations, with aims to be carbon neutral by 2025.

The Sustainability Performance Report reviews the organisation’s progress annually against the Council’s Sustainability Framework Action Plan, indicators and targets.

The action plan includes 66 actions divided across three areas:

  1. Protecting the environment – 24 actions
  2. Community wellbeing and social equity – 22 actions
  3. Responsible and transparent business – 20 actions

The sustainability objectives range from climate change action, active transport projects, biodiversity protection, through to social housing, local food production and creating a strong local green economy with jobs for all.

The report shows the majority of the 66 actions were either on-track (31, 47 percent) or complete (30, 45 percent), at the end of June 2022.

Highlights of the report included:

  • The reduction of operational carbon emissions by 29 per cent over the previous 12 months. The City now generates zero emissions through its electricity usage after signing a ten year contract to source renewable energy
  • Delivery of three major shared trail projects in East Geelong, Corio and Barwon Heads to improve connections and access for the community
  • The establishment of Climate Partnership Grants, which provide co-design and financial support for community-led projects and activities that help achieve net zero emissions
  • Installation of 30 new raised wombat crossings in Norlane and South Geelong to improve pedestrian movement, community safety and health
  • Support for 13 major events in Greater Geelong, which stimulated local economic activity estimated at a combined $24.8 million

City of Greater Geelong Mayor, Trent Sullivan, said sustainability must be embedded across all areas of the City’s operations and reporting is an important way of ensuring there is tangible action.

“Like many councils, we are facing real challenges to remain sustainable, particularly from an economic standpoint given the cost increases we have seen over the past 12 months or more,” Mayor Sullivan said.

“Given Geelong’s population growth, we also need to put a lot of work into planning for an environmentally sustainable future, and into making sure we retain the liveability we all enjoy as our city gets bigger.

“This sustainability report is important in tracking progress against the key actions in all three focus areas, making sure we are continually working towards an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future.”

Chair of the High Performing Council portfolio, Councillor Bruce Harwood, said, many community members are passionate, engaged and highly knowledgeable about sustainability.

“We need to work collaboratively to protect our natural environment, maintain liveability, and improve community health and wellbeing,” Cr Harwood said.

“The report highlights the City’s commitment to developing strong partnerships and innovative thinking.”

Cr Harwood said the new Climate Action Partnership Grants are an example of a key strategic initiative that was recommended to us by Geelong’s Sustainability Advisory Committee.

“Responding to global challenges such as climate change at a local level is critical to our future success, resilience and prosperity,” Cr Harwood said.

“As our organisational approach to sustainability matures, we are looking to shift to a more structured and coordinated way of undertaking sustainability-related initiatives and measuring their impact.”

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  1. Paul 10 months ago

    What gets measured, gets managed. Bravo to Geelong council for this initiative!

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