As extreme weather and flooding becomes more commonplace, especially in Australia, investing in flexible and sturdy pipelines that can easily transport water over considerable distances is a must have.

Angus Flexible Pipelines Australia offers a range of custom-engineered equipment to suit particular flood situation applications, creating flexible pipelines that are designed for ease of use when deploying, retrieving, transporting and storing in difficult environmental conditions.

Why flexible pipelines are an invaluable investment

Today, flooding appears to be an ever-increasing factor in large parts of the world. The resultant impact can be devastating on life and property, so having the ability to quickly, and effectively, move large volumes of water in response to such a disaster is becoming more and more essential.

Angus Flexible Pipelines Australia has a Flood Relief package that is a fully integrated system capable of pumping large volumes of water over considerable distances – away from infrastructures and residential areas.

Utilising a single line of Angus 12” Super Aquaduct, this system can pump up to 19,000L of water over a distance of 8km. A typical system comprises several pieces of equipment, including satellite and boosting pumping systems, hose deployment and retrieval systems, XLD lay flat hose technologies and accessories.

Collecting heads and manifolds

Collecting heads

Custom Collecting Heads can be used to flow feed water from multiple inlets to a larger single source outlet – typically 250/300mm – to optimise flow over long distances and minimise pressure losses – especially when using Angus Super Aquaduct hose.


Custom Spider Manifolds can be used to control water flow and distribution, allowing connectivity to smaller diameter hose lines – typically using Angus Armourline hoses via Gated valves with Storz or Instantaneous connections.

Inlets can be 200, 250, 300mm – either Storz, Twin Star or Victaulic connections for use with Angus Super Aquaduct hose.

Unvalved large Wye Manifold/Dividing breechings to direct water flow from a single source to smaller sources – typically from 1 x 300mm to 2 x 200mm – ideal for use with Angus Super Aquaduct hoses when transporting water over distance. Connections can be Storz, Twin Star, Victaulic or other multiple configurations.

“Mo –Man” Wheeled Hose Hydrant Trailer can also be used for rapid easy deployment with 6 gated valves – either storz or any other connections, to direct, control water flow and distribution. Through put either 250 or 300mm connections with valved options.

South Australia flood relief, using flexible pipelines.

Hose deployment and retrieval equipment

Angus Flexible Pipelines Australia supply single or quadruple hose reelers for easy deployment and retrieval of large diameter hoses such as Angus Super Aquaduct.

Each reel will house 600m of 300mm hose, so for a smooth, easy, efficient use, this can be trailer or skid mounted with a hydraulic control system.

System connections

Typically used to connect the systems normal pipe-to-pipe connections, pipe to hydrant connections, pipe to pump connections or pipe to water supply connections.

Stock availability

Angus Flexible Pipelines Australia has available stock for immediate delivery across Australia, featuring its full range of flexible pipelines for flood risk; the Super Aquaduct, Flowmaster and Wellmaster.

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