Local governments have plenty at stake when it comes to upholding the safety and integrity of critical pipeline assets, but by finding the right equipment partner, supporting and maintaining these pipes, sewers, and drains can be no trouble at all.

Water and wastewater assets possess tremendous value, value that can often be overlooked until something goes horribly wrong. The smooth function of these hidden networks of pipes, sewers and drains is essential for community life – and poor management of public assets is never a good look for local governments.

At the same time, asset owners and operators must find smart solutions to streamline and perfect their monitoring and maintenance of key assets, to save valuable time and resources.

Enter your equipment productivity partner

To take the stress out of maintaining pipeline infrastructure in excellent condition, local governments are turning to experienced and capable equipment productivity partners for long-term solutions and support.

By finding the right equipment productivity partner – who has expert knowledge of the equipment needed, as well as the staff and products to fit the job – local councils can lock in an easy win when it comes to productivity, confidence in the asset, and ease of mind.

The SECA approach

To ensure a streamlined and focused asset management process, local governments are searching for partnerships which are all-encompassing, supporting every aspect of water asset maintenance.

With a 50-year history of pipeline expertise, SECA goes beyond its role as a top equipment distributor, and has refined its products and services to provide a comprehensive, solutions-focused partnership, with cleaning, testing, inspection and rehabilitation capabilities.

Taking the hassle out of seeking services from multiple providers, SECA is a one-stop-shop – from equipment to service to after sales support.

SECA can not only identify what equipment is needed, but as Australia’s leading supplier of pipeline, sewer and plumbing equipment, they can provide cutting-edge products that represent the future of pipeline technology.

As partners in productivity, SECA knows that lost time is lost revenue. That’s why the team works swiftly to find solutions that streamline systems before they are even switched on.

With system efficiency and comprehensive services at its core, SECA’s premiere products and services make water asset upgrades and maintenance easier than ever.

SECA’s in-house cctv service team

Efficient, timely water asset solutions are key to minimising risk and securing uninterrupted, safe water services.

While other asset maintenance services need to have CCTV cameras and equipment shipped from overseas, extending the wait time and delaying the implementation of solutions, SECA is the only company in the field which can speed up the process with its highly trained in-house CCTV teams in major cities in Australia.

SECA’s in-house technicians are located across the east coast states, providing faster solutions to get the job done and maximise the return on investment.

Services even extend to New Zealand, and monitoring is streamlined with the use of SECA’s high-grade cameras, which are available for purchase.

SECA’s technicians, who are European factory trained, are equipped to provide a range of services, including a complete service and spare parts inventory for the iPEK and Quickview systems, and an extended CCTV workshop.

WinCan support and training services are also available, and SECA offers the support of their WinCan consultants in Switzerland, who can advise on installation and set up processes remotely.

With a focus on prompt and comprehensive solutions, SECA’s product and service offerings are able to provide critical support to continue the smooth functioning of some of our communities’ most vital resources.

This is a sponsored editorial brought to you by SECA, for more information on how SECA can assist your local government with a full range of water asset management solutions, head to www.seca.com.au


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