An innovative e-scooters trial will return to selected coastal areas of South Australia after the initial trial was put on hold following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Corey Wingard, has approved the resumption of the Coastal Park e-scooter trial and an extension of the trial until early next year.

The trial will be managed by Port Adelaide Enfield, Charles Sturt and West Torrens councils who are planning to run it over the summer months into 2021. The Holdfast Bay Council has opted out.

“Even though the initial trial only ran for a short period of time, the public response was fantastic with more than 4,400 e-scooter trips recorded in three weeks,” Mr Wingard said.

“This time around, the trial will have the benefit of running over the busy summer months during daylight savings.

“We know from the initial trial that between 6pm and 8pm was the most popular time to ride and we envisage the uptake over the coming months will be just as high.

“Given how many people flock to our beautiful coastline during the warmer months it will be an opportune time to monitor and analyse whether e-scooters prove beneficial to mobility and tourism.”

Member for Colton, Matt Cowdrey, has welcomed the resumption of the trial and said it will better connect Henley and West Beaches to other precincts and public transport options.

“This is great news for visitors to our beautiful beaches and also for local businesses,” Mr Cowdrey said.

The e-scooter operators will be required to adhere to strict health guidelines related to COVID-19 including regular cleaning, monitoring and tracking for the purpose of contact tracing and providing public health messaging.

E-scooters will operate within restricted hours of operation, between 6am to 6pm and between 6am and 9pm during Daylight Savings Time.

The same rules apply as per the initial approved trial:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must wear an approved bike helmet that is securely fitted
  • Must have proper control at all times and ride with due care and reasonable consideration for other persons
  • Must not exceed 15km/h or a lesser speed if required in the circumstances to stop safely to avert danger
  • Must not ride abreast
  • Must not carry passengers
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  1. Adrian Beale 4 years ago

    The Hon. Corey Wingard
    I appreciate the e-scooter trial and information here. I would like to know, if a favourable result for the pilot is achieved, what the government’s plans are for the private use of e-scooters in SA. I am encountering their use already on linear park and with retailers like JB HiFi and Harris Scarfe’s selling them this Christmas their use is only going to increase. The two I have encountered were not wearing helmets and my concern is without the acceleration of regulated and solid guidelines more breaches are inevitable. I am not a retailer, however, I am looking for alternative means of green commuting and therefore am interested in what direction the State Gov is moving with this.
    Yours Sincerely

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