By Jared Ingle, Head of Sales – AskYourTeam, Australia

All too often, involving your team to achieve significant outcomes for the organisation is harder than it should be. This article showcases how partnering with AskYourTeam has helped Central Hawke’s Bay District Council (CHBDC) to achieve significant change and win sector accolades for its performance.

CHBDC former CEO, Monique Davidson, says that the Council has been through a transformational journey following its work with AskYourTeam. “Our organisation is unrecognisable. A lot of that has been about a really deliberate and purposeful strategy of change. AskYourTeam has been critical in helping us inform that change journey,” Ms Davidson says.

“We’ve used our annual baseline survey to drive change and drive action, and we are using AskYourTeam all the time to help build leadership capability, and to inform leadership pathways in the organisation.”

In 2022, as a result of its progress, Central Hawke’s Bay District Council saw its Local Government NZ CouncilMARK rating improve to AA, up three levels in just four years. It also received the Martin Jenkins Excellence Award for Economic Wellbeing for achieving transformational change via its ‘Jobs in Central Hawke’s Bay’ program.

Ms Davidson says there is so much that she is proud of when she sees the way her people have grown. “What matters is that I have people who feel involved, that are connected to our council’s purpose, and ultimately see how what they do connects with the people they serve in the community,” Ms Davidson says.

“One of the really rewarding things about using AskYourTeam is that you know you’re connecting with your people, and they have the opportunity to be involved and heard. “Working with AskYourTeam, you need to make sure that you’re actually listening, and that you’re prepared to follow through with action. And that means you’re building a culture of continuous improvement, which is part of what we do and who we are.”

Driving the change you need is easier with the right partner by your side. By putting your desired outcomes front and centre, and asking the right questions of your people, you’ll uncover actionable insights to drive productivity and wellbeing and better serve your community.

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