It’s employee survey time, the results are in! Have you moved the dial? Do the numbers look good? Looking at overall averages will only tell you so much. Bring greater meaning to your results by digging deeper into your data.

Every council wants to find, and retain, talented staff; however, if your organisation is using an employee surveying tool that only gives you overall scores, then you won’t know how your organisation is tracking since averages can only reveal so much.

This is because it’s blunt, rather than precise analysis and won’t give any insights about the outliers in your organisation. There’s no information about superstar teams or leaders that everybody can learn from, nor is there any detail about teams or leaders that are struggling, holding the organisation back, and could do with a helping hand.

Pinpoint the areas that need improvement

Being able to dig deeper by looking at demographics within the business brings greater meaning to overall scores, as well as clear direction as to how, and where, to direct efforts for improvement. Taking a blanket approach without pinpointing precise areas for improvement means spending more time, money and resources than you need to, and runs a high risk of focusing on the wrong areas.

Australian councils have many challenges and competing priorities, that is why having enough data to make sound decisions, and drive the greatest change, means getting strategic about the best use of scarce resources. Luckily, AskYourTeam has a solution that can make a big difference; by providing detailed data to guide decision-making and help council leaders and HR teams to invest time and resources only where it’s needed.

Get the full picture

AskYourTeam’s platform goes beyond employee experience to bring together views and perceptions of customers and communities.

We customise and specifically design surveys for councils so you can zero-in on the topics of importance. We also help councils extract deep meaning from their data, and take action based on evidence.

Results can be filtered by leader, location, team, and gender so that you know exactly what the issues are, and where they exist. This leads to organisations being able to take actions that are going to make the biggest difference in moving the dial.

Solutions in action

In a recent example relating to leadership, AskYourTeam analysis helped a client identify that it was in fact just a few leaders with leadership style issues that needed addressing, instead of all staff. By focusing their efforts on working with just those few who needed extra support, a survey re-test showed a 16 per cent lift in that small group, which lifted the productivity of the entire organisation.

This system is summarised well by one of our client’s team leaders, who stated that, “The real strength of the AskYourTeam process is that you get in-depth answers to questions and a lot of information that tells you where the problem areas are, so you’re able to identify what areas you need to focus on.”

To find out how to get great data to improve performance in your council just AskYourTeam:

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