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The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) has announced its support of Infrastructure Victoria’s Infrastructure Strategy 2021 -2051, which plans to improve social equity and protect natural resources.

Infrastructure Victoria (IV) released its updated strategy on 19 August, recommending a broad and integrated approach to infrastructure planning. It recognises that smart infrastructure investment is about more than just boosting productivity and reducing congestion.

MAV President, David Clark, said the strategy addresses a range of the infrastructure challenges facing local communities right across Victoria, including addressing public transport needs, boosting economic performance and adapting to climate change.

“This is good news. We welcome this plan as it gives us a clear insight to the future of Victoria and will impact how we live, work and play in a positive way,” Mr Clark said.

“We strongly support the commitment to address existing infrastructure pressures; this will enable us to emerge stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic and be better prepared for future needs and expectations.

“We were particularly pleased to see the acknowledgement of revenue constraints on rural and regional councils, and the negative effects this can have on maintenance of critical community infrastructure.

“The next challenge will be to understand the Victorian Government’s plan to implement the strategy. 

“We understand the imperative to think about the big picture. Yet it is vital that the many local infrastructure recommendations made in the IV are also acknowledged and implemented by the Government.  

“Councils are ready, willing and able to work with the Victorian Government on local projects that will have a local impact.

“The MAV will continue to advocate to the Victorian Government to include the local government sector in its implementation plans.”


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