The City of Stirling has announced that Australia’s first trackless tram has arrived at the City’s Administration Centre, and will soon be undergoing testing. 

After a long journey from Shanghai, China, the 30m tram will be part of a trial with partners from Curtin University, ITSG, CRRC and Shanghai Electric.

The trial will involve a range of experts that will examine how this technology works to help determine whether it can be implemented along Scarborough Beach Road.

The Council said that, with its efficient and eco-friendly features, the trackless tram represents a mode of transportation that aligns with Stirling’s vision for a sustainable region with a local focus.

The tram is aiming to connect people to busy, vibrant areas, creating better accessibility and generating urban redevelopment within the Scarborough Beach Road Activity Corridor.

The Trackless Tram is the latest in sustainable mid-tier transport technology and has the potential to achieve positive economic, business, transport, innovation and sustainability outcomes.

The Trackless Trams could be a game changer for Perth and encourage people to make the switch out of their cars and on to public transport. 

City of Stirling said that it’s part of its plan to reduce congestion, improve access to employment and contribute to urban regeneration.

As a net-zero emission vehicle the Trackless Tram will also support a reduction in carbon emissions as well as decreasing the number of cars on the road. However it will require collaboration across community, business and government sectors.

The trial of the Trackless Tram will commence over the coming weeks and will run through to November, where locals and stakeholders will have the chance to ride the tram and be part of some user experience testing. 

In conjunction with event partners and sponsors, the City will present a Net Zero Transit Symposium on 21 and 22 November at Rendezvous Scarborough.

The $2 million business case and trial for the Trackless Tram has been funded by the Federal Government. The project is being delivered with partners Curtin University, CRRC, Shanghai Electric and Infrastructure Technology Solutions.


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