Victoria’s BawBaw Shire Council is encouraging residents to take part in a survey addressing potential future uses of the Rumble Pavilion site, as they determine the feasibility of its retention amidst community resistance.

Removal of the Rumble Pavilion had been included in the project scope of the $4.1 million Bellbird Park East Pavilion project,which recently kicked off with a sod-turning event.

The functions of the aging Rumble Pavilion were set to be replaced by the new and more expansive multi-use community facility. 

However, following a petition received from the community in support of retaining the site for community use, Council moved to reconsider the pavilion’s demolition pending the outcomes of further study and formal consideration of the petition.  

The information gathered from the community through the survey will inform Council of the potential benefits and value of retaining the structure alongside the new pavilion.  

The consultation opportunity will be open for three weeks from Monday 31 January to allow the community to take part in the survey.  

All submissions, including online and hard copies, will be received until 5pm Monday 21 February 2022. 

BawBaw Shire Mayor, Michael Leaney, said, “We understand that some members of the community have fond memories and strong feelings for the Rumble Pavilion. 

“Some have expressed the desire that it be retained for continued use to serve other community groups and interests. 

“We’ve listened to these requests and in response we’ve deferred making a decision on the demolition until we can get a better understanding of any potential viable future uses and the costs involved in its refurbishment and retention.  

“I encourage all interested residents to take this opportunity to provide us with your thoughts and feedback and to let us know what benefits the structure might provide the community going forward.”


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