Tamworth Regional Council has reached the next stage in the development of its Communications Strategy – asking for community feedback. 

The Strategy aims to improve council and community relations by increasing transparency and creating a more efficient and open two-way dialogue.

An online survey, available until 4 July 2022, will ask the Tamworth community how and where they receive Council information, and the strengths and weaknesses of how the Council communicates. 

This survey aims to help guide the direction and priorities of Council’s Communications Strategy and identify initiatives to support quality communications with the community. 

This includes discovering how the community wishes to receive Council communications –  such as digitally via social media and Council websites, or via options of printed collateral and word-of-mouth. 

Multiple in-person and online workshops are also available to the community to share opinions on Council communication and the developing Strategy. 

More info available here: https://haveyoursay.tamworth.nsw.gov.au/lets-connect


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