The City of Sydney is inviting artists to apply for its creative live and work spaces program, providing affordable studios for artists to live and work in the inner city.

Council has long recognised the challenges facing artists when seeking affordable space to live and work locally, and as a result has offered subsidised residential leases in properties for artists since 2013.

The City of Sydney has a number of residential properties and, under the creative live and work spaces grant, leases properties to artists and creative practitioners to live and work in the City at below market rent.

Applications are now open for artists to apply for an 18-month period from February 2023, with interested parties needing to demonstrate a relevant creative practice to pursue throughout the tenancy and an explanation of how they would benefit from the opportunity.

The program aims to foster opportunities for cultural, creative and commercial exchange that may otherwise not be possible in the inner city, allowing artists and creatives 18 months to focus on their practice in a focused and relaxed environment supporting their projects.

Applicants must be over the age of 18 and must be a citizen or have residency status. Additionally, only individuals are eligible to apply.

Individuals will need to complete a tenancy application, including financial details as evidence of their capacity to meet the financial obligations of the lease and previous landlord reference checks.

Interested artists can apply here.


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