The City of Greater Geraldton is undertaking several capital works projects valued at over $26 million, with the initiatives expected to have a significant positive impact on the local economy. 

These projects involve both the renewal of existing infrastructure and the creation of new facilities, aiming to enhance the living, working, and recreational experiences for residents of the region.

The funding for these projects will come from government grants, with the City of Greater Geraldton securing over $10 million from the Western Australian Government and over $3.6 million from the Federal Government. 

The projects include;

  • Refurbishment of Aquarena outdoor pool: the Aquarena outdoor pool is being renovated to improve its facilities and enhance the overall experience for visitors
  • Refurbishment of Mitchell Street Community Centre: the Mitchell Street Community Centre is undergoing refurbishment to update its infrastructure and amenities, ensuring it continues to meet the needs of the community
  • Replacement of road culverts: three road culverts are being replaced to improve the efficiency and safety of road transport in the area
  • Design of Nangetty Walkaway Bridge replacement: the design process is underway for the replacement of the Nangetty Walkaway Bridge, with the aim of improving connectivity in the region
  • Major upgrade to AMC Park in Spalding: AMC Park in Spalding is undergoing a significant upgrade, providing improved amenities and facilities for the local community
  • Construction of new waste transfer station at Meru Tip: a new waste transfer station is being constructed at the Meru Tip, enhancing waste management infrastructure in the area
  • Construction of a shared path along Chapman Road: a shared path is being built along Chapman Road, promoting alternative modes of transportation and improving accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Construction of three geotextile sand container groynes at Sunset Beach: three geotextile sand container groynes are being constructed at Sunset Beach to help manage coastal erosion and protect the shoreline
  • Construction of a new car park behind the basketball stadium: a new car park is being built behind the basketball stadium on Eighth Street in Wonthella, providing additional parking facilities for visitors
  • New road connections in Spalding: new road connections are being established in Spalding to enhance connectivity within the suburb and improve transportation efficiency

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor, Shane Van Styn, said it’s been fantastic to see nine local contractors,their subcontractors and suppliers take the opportunity to be involved in these projects and as a result, the City is injecting millions of dollars into our local economy.

Feature image:  Geotextile sand container groyne being installed at Sunset Beach. Image provided by City of Greater Geraldton.


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